Meaning of Country

From the Latin campestris, campestre is an adjective that is used as a synonym for peasant and that, therefore, refers to that or that belonging to the field or its own.

For example: “Country clothing adapts to the usual tasks that are carried out in rural surroundings”, “I would like to spend the weekend in a country house, surrounded by animals and crops”, “Country life is much more sacrificed what you think: you must get up before 6 in the morning and you just finish your work at nightfall ”.

Applied to a meeting, a meal or a party, the country adjective refers to what is celebrated in the field: “The country lunch included lamb, pork and other delicacies”, “The singer will crown her marriage with a country celebration that will include shows of dressage “, ” The main landowners in the area met in a country meeting where they debated what position to take before the new government decisions.

The country, in short, is everything that takes place in the field or is linked to it. One can speak, therefore, of rural activity, custom picnic, etc.

Campestre, on the other hand, is the name of a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Its population exceeds 22,000 residents who, for the most part, are dedicated to cattle and coffee plantations.

It should be noted that the dictionary of the DigoPaul also mentions a definition of country style as an ancient dance from Mexico.

The benefits of country life

Although there are many prejudices against life in the country and much ignorance that leads to false assumptions, such as that people who do not live in the city are usually illiterate or worry little about learning, it is also known that being in contact with nature has undeniable benefits for our body and mind.

First of all, country life tends to bring a disregard for fashion trends, as exposure to large groups of people and what they will say does not take place far from dense population areas. This may seem negative to those who are obsessed with having the latest of the latest, but a breath of fresh air for those who cannot bear to be judged for everything they say, how they dress and the age of their belongings.

On the other hand, although working the land is more physically demanding than sitting in an office for 8 hours, the mental exhaustion is much less and it is enough to sleep to regain energy; In the city, people need more and more vitamin supplements and miracle drugs to help them endure their day to day life.

Food is another of the fundamental points that is usually of better quality in a country environment, since it is very normal to have the possibility of growing fruits and vegetables, avoiding the need to buy products that have been refrigerated or that have gone through chemical processes.

A country landscape is in itself relaxing and invites us to think and connect with our origins. Human beings tend to believe we are superior to the rest of the living species, forgetting that we are part of a whole, of the same planet, which feeds us and selflessly offers us endless resources for our well-being.

Life in the city is not necessarily bad, nor the country undeniably good; Both experiences can be improved by taking the best of the other. In our evolutionary state we need a health system to overcome certain disorders, which is why it is convenient for us to be very well communicated; on the other hand, growing our own food and being in contact with nature brings great benefits to anyone who wants to get closer to themselves.


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