Will It Be Consoles The Last Device That Explode The Operators to Sell Us More Data? The Question of The Week

Some days ago we learned of the agreement reached by Vodafone with Sony to provide 3G connectivity to the new PlayStation Vita in Spain and although at the moment have not given details, assail us several questions which we want to share in Question of the week.

Will consoles be the last device that traders exploited to sell us more data?

The future requires live data rates and operators are delighted with the rise of tablets and need to have all our devices to internet mobility. Hence, services multi-device will help us share our data connection but do you think that they will also come to? subsidize consoles with data rates?

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Last week: focus on users implies not to worsen conditions on fares and services?

On the subject of the previous week in which lived sensations found in trying to convince us of a shift in the relationship with customers, but with other news that show otherwise, the most voted answer was that of guachiflai:

In my opinion, there is a problem of mentality and awareness:

-In mentality in users, accustomed in a decade to change mobile as underpants/panties free of charge because the operator was it free to change, simply follow. A good mobile costs paste and that is paid in any way.

-Of mentalizing in large companies. That abuse of that “how to pay a good mobile” with a surcharge on rates verging on the abusive. The response of increasingly more users is the portability to MVO.

Today, the wisest is the formula “mobile free + OMV”; especially for the most avid of specifications: the initial investment is strong (mobile free), but a year can sell that mobile still at good price of second hand to acquire the next novelty on the market. Meanwhile, you have the less possible in any OMV rate because you are not subject to retention.