VSCO Trail Cam to Android, Available Its Private Beta to a Few Devices

VSCO Cam It is a popular application of camera and photo-editing for iOS, considered by many as one of the best that’s currently for mobile devices that It is already on the way to our Android devices.

The company VSCO (Visual Supply Company), known in the field of the photo editing for your presets for Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom and Aperture, has announced the availability of a private beta of VSCO Cam for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One. In the future it will support more devices with Android 4.0 or higher.

The Chamber of VSCO Cam It will provide us with very complete and easy to use controls, and quite a few options, allowing for example to handle the point of exposure and the approach of separately. Your editor allows us to adjust the quality of your photos and apply its powerful filters free or pay, and share our photos on social networks or VSCO Grid, a sort of portfolio. The only major drawback is no longer apply adjustments selectively. Engadget photo they analysed VCO Cam last month.

It is unknown when the final version to be launched in Google Play but hope to be soon and that they support the largest number of devices. Meanwhile, if you have a device that is already supported in the Beta you can participate by signing up to be among the first to test the application.