Vodafone Free TV Now Available December No Permanence

Vodafone One It is the new converged offering that the operator had recovered the television service to try to cope with the thrust of Fusion TV’s although unlike Movistar, Vodafone television is optional and as promotion since its launch is free Although so far it implied a permanence in the service of 12 months.

As a novelty for new hires from today May 27 through June 30, day that could change prices Vodafone One, they may request without then Vodafone TV essential If you have fiber or Vodafone Box with YOMVI family if you have ADSL with direct access to be able to enjoy it without cost until December 31, 2015.

Once the free period, customers without permanence in the television service can below without penalty or keep it at the usual cost which will be 12 euros with One S, 6 euros with One M or free forever with One L While the rest of packages with more channels will keep the established prices.

So are the Vodafone TV packages