Version End of SwiftKey Cloud Reaches The Market, Uses 50% Discount

Android It is a highly customizable operating system, so much so that you can change from keyboard if that brings the default Google or your manufacturer you don’t like. One of the alternatives of heavier and longer takes on this operating system is SwiftKey.

Today we announce the arrival of the final version 4.2 Swiftkey Cloud, so far in beta, which offers numerous perfect improvements for users of multiple devices to the end user.

SwiftKey promises to simplify the task of writing on the mobile replacing the keyboard default for one that understands you and learn from you as you’re choosing corrections or predictions not only words but phrases, as you use it.

SwitfKey Cloud It has mechanisms for backup and synchronization that allows you to have a custom keyboard and to last through all your devices. In addition you can make to learn from you as as you write on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, SMS, Twitter and blogs. In addition it also takes data on Twitter Trending Phrases phrases.

This keyboard is compatible with up to 3 languages at the same time (of a total of 60 languages) and also offers the possibility of writing with only sliding the finger for the same reason, SwiftKey Flow.

Currently on offer to 1.99 EUR, half price, to celebrate the arrival of the final version 4.2 and all its improvements. Without a doubt, one of the most complete Android keyboard.