Two Small Manufacturers Must Pay to Microsoft for Using Android

The patent war is that helpful argument we use to attack the bad business practices, Although many times we have to do quite rightly ahead. Microsoft is the leading exponent of it, getting that 70% of the terminals carrying Android inside report them any benefit as a mattress by the extremely poor sales of Windows Phone.

Maybe if we believed that Microsoft could not fall more low, they have used this time of two small manufacturers who can not defend themselves legally. The companies are Aluratek, who sells tablets between 150 and 220 dollars, and Coby Electronics, offering tablets for $80. This can now change because Microsoft will charge them a fee in respect of patents, it normally cost around $25 per terminal, although not expected to be so high.


Röd & svart damastast knubbig visitkort

Röd & svart damastast knubbig visitkort