Travels and Speaks of Orange: Saving Service for Calls in Roaming

At last Orange It responds with the new saving module Travels and speaks the rates for calls in roaming for more intensive users who travel outside Spain as the Vodafone Passport and the daily Roaming Movistar Tarifa.

Orange option allows Save 50% of the price per minute existing at any time in more than forty countries around the world and is offered in two modes of payment:

  • Travels and speaks daily: only a fee is paid when you make calls in roaming in 1 euro/day If you are in zone 1 or a fee of 2 euros per day of use If you are in zones 2 and 3. Registration in this module is free of charge and can be requested by sending a free SMS with the high day text 22095.
  • Travels and speaks monthly: If you are going to use this service more than 5 days per month you should activate this mode since it is paid one unique monthly fee of 5 euros in zone 1 while zones 2 and 3 involving a fee of 12 EUR/month. Registration in this module is 10 euros and can be ordered by sending a free SMS to the 22095 with either high Europe or high world if you are using the service in zones 2 and 3.

At first glance, the module seems quite advantageous position that allows to speak for 21.5 cents/minute or receive calls by 9.5 cents per minute in zone 1, 60 cents per minute to make or receive calls in area 2 and 1.30 euros/minute to make calls in zone 3 or 1.10 euros per minute to receive calls in zone 3.

But Orange hidden in the small print that apart from daily or monthly, fee also applies a call for zone 1 set-up of 21.5 cents While in zones 2 and 3 amounts to 1.50 euros of establishment both calls made as received. Also discounted calls are limited to a maximum of 100 minutes per day.

Area 1: Union European, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland
Area 2: Andorra, Switzerland, Turkey and United States
Area 3: China, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Dominican Republic