The Old Android Daydream Is Now Called Screen Saver

It makes sense: while the new Daydream of Google is called Daydream, the old Daydream has called another way, and we now know that the new name is neither more nor less than Screen Saver, or screen saver.

We do not know very well what happens to Google the names. Not can even reach agreement on how call the new version of its operating system, and when it comes to naming your new virtual reality platform can’t think them anything other than a concept already used before in Android, Daydream. UPS.

Fear not, the confusion will not last long. In the last preview of Android N has already renamed it to “Daydream” with its new brand name: Screen Saver. I acknowledge that, so entry, the name is somewhat boring, but is much easier to recognize what it is, once it is dispenses with the poetry of the old name.