Swiftkey, Swype co.: Keyboard Alternatives for Android

Initially, the writing on Smartphones, thanks to handy hardware buttons was straightforward. Nowadays, touchscreen devices dominate the market. As a result, Tablet and Smartphone not only different feel without keys, but change also the way how to write on them. The texts therefore has not become easier and more convenient. Therefore, several companies provide keyboard alternatives that should be particularly intuitive compared to the built-in keyboards.

Sliding, wipe, slide

Most popular alternatives for Android smartphones and tablets that bugged app Swype keyboard, which ios 8 also for the iphone is available. The trick: Instead of using the fingers on the keyboard to type, Swype provides a wiper concept to the texts. Do they conjure up, for example, the word fish on the screen, launches the write scheme for the first letter of the word (so F). Then wipe the next letters (i, s, c, h), until the word is completely written. Initially the Swype system is still takes getting used to, but like so many other keyboards, the app learns and stores already used words. Also updates are regularly available, that expand the vocabulary of the application. Swype keyboard is on the Smartphone, as well as on the Tablet (0.75 Euro in the Google play store).

Swiftkey, Swype & co.: the most popular keyboards for Android

So fast like the wind

The swiftkey app has a Worterkennungs engine, which allows faster than with a conventional keyboard to write. The app learns with the texts and fills itself regarded as suitable words in the message. The flow function is even able to predict full sentences. Swiftkey with the specially designed tilt function, where you roll a virtual ball through the keyboard by the tilting and panning of the device, and write out words so come since April, 2014. With the own cloud, swiftkey also offers a personalized alternative, especially in the use of multiple devices. These include also backup and synchronization to always have the personal preferences on all Android devices. There are always other cloud-based data from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo mail, or the blog in the vocabulary. Every morning swiftkey adds its own trend phrases to the vocabulary, on breaking news stories and trending topic – Twitter-based messages. The keyboard is home to different themes, to provide even more app customization. Swiftkey is available for all mobile Android free Google play store.

The best tablets

More than a keyboard

The Android keyboard has more than just text typing on it, the app is ai.type as an alternative. Shortcuts can be created, so you need to write entire words with this keyboard. In addition, ai.type offers the possibility to copy texts directly on the keyboard and paste. Even a calculator function is integrated into the application, so that you no longer need to switch between different apps. The standard keyboard is not sufficient, you can add simply a fifth row of keys, to use such numbers and words at the same time. The table Keyboard Properties overview gives detailed information about the options of the different keyboard apps.

Keyboard properties in the Overview of Gestures Input number text shortcut Emojimehre Sprachen Wortv