Spring offer: Three Smartphone Tariffs At A Bargain Price

Mobile operator eteleon currently three Smartphone tariffs at significantly reduced prices offered. Especially the allnet flat rates can be priced with SMS-flat and 1 or 2 gigabyte inclusive volume in the O2 network.

Full-flat 1 gigabyte volume

The globe flat L 1000 contains a flat-rate for calls and SMS to all national networks, as well as 1 gigabyte surf volume for excursions in the mobile Internet. The provider has lowered the monthly fee 5 euros to 14.95 euros. The connection fee is 19.95 euros, the minimum contract period is only a month, this applies to all presented here rates.

For Sale: Globe Flat L 1000 for 14.95 Euro

Double Volume for 3 Euro

Appear too little you 1 gigabyte, double the volume for only 3 euro per month and access to the flat L 2000 by winsim , also a trademark of eteleon AG. For 17.95 EUR are all tariff details with the above offer identical.

Offer: winsim Flat L 2000 for 17.95 Euro

Smartphone Plan for infrequent Callers

You need no flat rate for calls and short messages, would often surf but still with the Smartphone on the Internet? Then, the tariff for 9.95 euro smart 1000 is a good deal for you. Included are 250 minutes and 250 SMS per month and 1 GB data volume. Connection fee and contract are also 19.95 euro and one month respectively.

For sale: Smart 1000 for 9.95 euro


For comparable allnet flatrates with SMS-flat and 1 or 2 gigabyte capacity in the O2 network, you pay more in the month usually 5 to 10 euro. What the thing so expensive, is mainly the short contract period of only one month here save you so correctly. Unbeatably cheap is the smart 1000 access you not worried too, if the tariff says to you especially as you commit not long-term.