Signal 2.0: Update Brings Encrypted Chat Feature on iphone and ipad

Open whisper systems developers promised among other things by Edward Snowden missed a comprehensive update their free ios app. The highlight of signal 2.0 is the integration of a secure chat facility. Let other users of the app interact with now encrypted text messages, photos and videos. So far, she offered only the possibility to have cryptographically secure telephone conversations for ipad and iphone available ios app. In addition, the new version provides the usual bug fixes as well as a fresh design.

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End-to end encryption

Befitting all techniques are used to hedge your communication used, security experts currently recommend. So signal opts for an end-to end encryption, i.e. The app encrypts the message before sending, and only the application of the receiver is able to convert back the gibberish. Thus, it is not possible to get an insight into your communication for the makers of the app.

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Forever protected

But this is not everything that provides signal to protect your privacy: that developers use the so called forward secrecy procedures. This means: if third parties get the personal master key for your device in the finger, they aren’t able to decrypt old messages. Because each message with an individual key forward secrecy is unrecognizable. Due to complex mathematical methods, it is currently not possible retroactively to calculate this. The backgrounds and details of the cryptographic methods can be read when the makers of the app.

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Open-source solution also for whatsapp in the usage

So that you must not rely on the promise of the provider who has published program code under open source license (gplv3) in the network. The developer of signal are not unknown: as indicated, the words of praise of the Whistleblowers Edward Snowden led to spinal and publicity. But in particular the decision of the whatsapp team, to put, encryption of the popular messengers on the know-how of the signal-maker testifies to the status of the developer in the scene.

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Look forward

In the next version, the developers want to optimize the app for use on the ipad, as signal in the future also in other languages should be so far the Messenger app only with English GUI is available. In addition, there is a desktop version in work, as well as an Android app. Redphone and textsecure users of the Google operating system need to rely so far on two apps for the phone calls and texts.