Sanur, Indonesia

A clear serene sea, a beach with golden sand stretching for 7 km, breakwaters with colorful Indonesian pavilions, colorful fishing boats – all this is Sanur in the southeast of Bali, 10 km from Denpasar. Families with kids are especially at ease here: the ocean is very shallow, the water level rises only during high tides. Lovers play weddings in a fancy glass pavilion-diamond, divers conquer the depths under the guidance of advanced instructors. Party-goers will be bored as the bars close early, but in the summer at the Kite Festival and in the fall at the Village Fest, the fun is in full swing.

How to get to Sanur

Not far from the resort there is Ngurah Rai International Airport, from which it will take about 20 minutes by car. See ANDYEDUCATION.COM for education and training in Indonesia.

If you plan to go to Sanur while already in Bali, keep in mind that the island is quite small, so you can get a taxi to Sanur from anywhere – and it won’t even cost you prohibitively.

In addition, there are quite a few bus routes on the island; Sanur can be conveniently reached from Denparas, Kuta, Candidasa, Ubud and all northern and southern cities.


It is quite difficult to wander around Sanur for more than half an hour without once bumping into a rental car, motorcycle or bicycle, and even more difficult not to find a free taxi there. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can take a walk – the resort is small, the streets are calm, and the views here are always excellent.


There are two places in Sanur that may be of interest to lovers of expensive souvenirs – the Gudang ceramics store and the Nogo Bali Ikat fabric store. Prices in both are quite high, but the quality of goods is surprisingly high.


In the city and its environs there are beautiful beaches with a gentle slope into the sea. A variety of water sports are at the service of vacationers: kite, wind and ordinary surfing, kayaking and several diving centers offering to bravely dive into the blue abyss or cowardly snorkel at the surface.

At low tide, coral reefs protrude from the coastal waters of Sanur.

Entertainment and attractions of Sanur

Sanur has several nightclubs and restaurants. They are simpler than in Kuta (but drinks there, on the contrary, are more expensive). Within the tourist area of ​​the resort is the entertainment center Taman Festival Park.

When you get tired of sunbathing on the beach, you can visit the Le Mayer Museum, located in the house where the Belgian impressionist lived before. Most of the house has remained untouched since his death, and the rest of the premises are reserved for his paintings. You can go there for only 5 thousand rupees.

In addition, there is a huge and absolutely fabulous mangrove forest, covering almost 600 hectares. You can visit it on any day except Sunday, from 8 am to 4 pm, and the cost of the entrance ticket is 50 thousand rupees.

In the village of Blanjong, located south of Sanur, there is a temple of the same name. This is the oldest building in Bali, built in the 10th century.

In July, the annual kite festival is held here, during which local teams compete by flying huge ten-meter kites.

Sanur, Indonesia

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