Rafailovici, Montenegro

At the end of Becici beach is a small resort village of Rafailovici. The resort is a modern tourist center with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars; conditions are created here for both a relaxing holiday and active sports. In addition, Rafailovici is considered one of the most picturesque fishing villages in Montenegro. The land of magnificent landscapes, outdoor activities and excellent ecology is the choice of tourists from many countries of the world. The village is located at the very edge of the sea, on a beautiful golden beach.

How to get there

According to Wholevehicles, from Budva you can get here for 2 EUR by a special tourist mini-train that stops at every hotel. However, you can do without transport at all: the road is so good that it will not be difficult to overcome it on foot even for those who do not have sports training. Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Cuisine and restaurants

Rafailovici attracts primarily fish gourmets, since there are plenty of restaurants of the corresponding profile there. The most popular among them is “Three Fishermen”. And yet not a single fish: along the coast (as in any resort town) in Rafailovici there is a whole string of cafes and bars with a varied menu, which presents dishes from all, perhaps, European countries.

Rafailovici beach

The quality of this beach was confirmed in 1935 and 1936 by awards from authoritative commissions, it was named the best beach in Europe. Since then, the popularity of beach holidays in this region has not decreased. In general, this area is striking in that it looks like a picture. The sea, sand, greenery – everything is unrealistically beautiful colors. Whether the sun is the reason for this, or the fertile subtropical climate so painted everything, but it is difficult to find a more gratifying landscape.

Here you can not only sunbathe, but also play sports. Opportunities for rafting, diving, tennis courts, sports complexes will allow you to keep fit and recharge your batteries, so necessary for future achievements. A standard set of beach activities adds vivacity to their participants and gives smiles to the audience.

Infrastructure and hotels

The village itself is a tangle of narrow winding streets, the houses on which are buried in greenery and radiate comfort and serenity, so characteristic of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Many well-maintained houses surrounded by flowering gardens are rented out, some of them are sold for quite a moderate fee: real estate here is still cheap. In addition to villas, vacationers are offered hotels of different price levels, but with equally hospitable staff, as well as numerous apartments.

Entertainment and attractions in Rafailovici

It is advisable to combine a beach holiday in Rafailovici with excursions around Montenegro, on the territory of which, as you know, there are many historical and architectural monuments and simply beautiful and curious places. A traditional excursion from Rafailovichi to the miraculous functioning Ostrog Monastery. For nature lovers, a trip to the canyon of the Moraca River will be interesting. It is in this canyon on a picturesque plateau surrounded by rocks that an ancient monastery is located. After examining its buildings, you can see another canyon – the canyon of the Tara River, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Tara Canyon is not only beautiful, it is the second largest in the world after Colorado Canyon, and its depth reaches 1300 meters.

An excursion to the valley of 18 lakes is also interesting. Such a large concentration of lakes is typical only for the landscape of Montenegro and is not found anywhere else in the world. Lakes are formed by glacial waters.

Boat trip from Budva to Petrovac is very popular among those who have a rest in Rafailovici. It takes the whole day, and gives a good opportunity to compare the numerous and diverse beaches of Montenegro, including the most famous: Queen’s Beach and the beach on the island of Sveti Stefan. However, an ordinary boat trip along the Bay of Kotor can leave indelible memories, because it is not for nothing that this bay is considered one of the most beautiful in the world! And if you add participation in a fish picnic to the sea trip, you can get not only visual pleasure, but also indulge in gluttony: a catch cooked on the grill (even the most modest one) in combination with local wines will make you want to return to Rafailovici again and again…

However, if there is no catch at all, you can remember that Rafailovichi is a fishing village, so there are many fish restaurants, of which the Three Fishermen restaurant is the most popular among tourists.

Rafailovici, Montenegro

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