Project ARA: Sennheiser Reveals Details about the LEGO Phone

With Phonebloks the designer Dave Hakkens made the idea of a cell phone in the summer of 2013 to the build itself virtually overnight famous. With Google and Motorola the idea, two influential supporters has won a short time later driving the project under the code name ARA emphatically. That also the audio specialist Sennheiser belongs to the other supporters of the project, was no secret. Now the company published a video on the Phonebloks blog, by presenting first modules for audiophile Smartphone owners.

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Sennheiser sound module

In the forums and comments to Phonebloks one was encountered at Sennheiser consistently, that many users want high-quality audio chips for smartphones. It says Lance Reichert, engineer from the Research Department of Sennheiser, at the beginning of the video. Look as a manufacturer of audio hardware are thus challenged to develop ideas how you can meet the need. The result is a high-quality audio components for the modular Smartphone. Also the module could be also with an audio input provided, which would significantly improve the recording quality of your Smartphone. As possible usage scenarios see Reichert musicians, journalists, or students who record ideas, interviews or lectures with the Smartphone, without being dependent on a separate recorder.

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Little buttoned up and much potential

Special audio processors in the Interior of the module are responsible for the preparation and optimization of the sound signal. Reichert lane promises that Sennheiser will expose the specifications and interfaces. This should enable the development of specifically for the module tailored to applications by third parties.

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Project ARA: rebuild rather than throw away

The idea behind the LEGO cell phone is simple: the user acquires a skeleton (Endoskeleton), a fixed number of slots, the frame can be adjusted with various modules to the needs of the user. Place as much emphasis on audio, then purchase a corresponding module by Sennheiser. You want to trim your Smartphone on run-time access to a largest possible battery and to waive other components. And there is a faster processor or the display is broken, then you exchange the corresponding module and not the same, as now usual, the whole Smartphone. You will learn the current state of development of project ARA image in a separate post from COMPUTER.

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