Pokémon Go: A New Way to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

From today is already available in Portugal, the game that has given that talk in the world, the Pokémon Go. If you are looking for an excuse to leave the house, this is a good alternative.

Just the wait! The 15th of July, and brought to Portugal, Spain and Italy one of the biggest phenomena virtual: Pokémon Go, the most popular game of the moment, which uses augmented reality and allows players to capture pocket monsters that lurk in the real world.

The Pokémon Go has been a real success, having until now been able to take down the popular game Candy Crush, in the United States. The game is free and uses sensors, GPS and camera of the smartphone to connect the real world and the virtual.

Pokémon Go A New Way to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle 1


Various are the accounts of people who have lost weight in the first days that they began to play the Pokémon Go because the players end up walking several kilometres in a row, almost without giving account. And this makes it into something positive. It is not just a game to get hooked on to the smartphone, but rather, that it forces you to get up on the couch, the exit to the street and moving.

There are already a few years that the games console and their own equipment have undergone several changes at the point of the scenario of a player sitting in front of the tv to be a thing of the past. The Wii and the Playstation Move were the big drivers of a new step in the world of fun.

All this thanks to the remote control, wireless and with sensors that capture the movements of the player outside the screen, allowing you to participate in the game with the own body, instead of just sitting, holding a command, and the load on the buttons.

To get an idea, 15 minutes of a boxing match are enough to burn 125 calories; the same time in a game of tennis allows you to burn 92 calories and 77 calories in a game of bowling.

According to the latest information provided by virtual communities, the users all over the world already spend more time on the game Pokémon Go of that on Facebook. In addition, the game yielded about 12.6 million euros in just one week. In the case of Nintendo it is known that the shares rose by more than 54%. However, if you will has already install and play the Pokémon Go pay attention to the battery of your smartphone, since the autonomy will be less.

Pokémon Go A New Way to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle 2


The world of Pokémon appeared for the first time in 1996 in the console Game Boy from Nintendo and spawned a franchise billionaire, with animated series and cards.

Have now reached the smartphones. And this game requires you to get up from the couch so that you can find more animals and to progress in the game: the screen shows a simulation of the lively of the coach (or the player) and where they are located, and when we started to walk the application uses the GPS to determine our coordinates, alerting when it is found one of the Pokémon in the vicinity.

Slides the finger to shoot the ball and catch the Pokemon (sometimes only after a few attempts), which is kept inside the ball. And resumes the path. The goal is to go from level to be able to go to a “gym”, where the training will allow to put the Pokémon to fight – but only from level five.

However, the ideal is to seek a Pokéstop, places such as fountains, gardens or singular buildings where we can reload the basket of Pokéballs and eggs (which after incubamos to give birth to new Pokémon). A true addiction that is spreading through the world.

Now is just to leave the house and enjoy!

Pokémon Go A New Way to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle 3