Place Because Here Come the Giants of the Smartphone-Memory!

Current smartphones are true all-rounders: people use it as a multimedia hub, on the road as a replacement of the Office PC, or as a main interface for social networks. And there are also apps galore. Given the large amounts of data quickly overflowing the memory the phone emits only the message: no disk space available. Rather than push the frustration, should pick up so rather immediately a device with extra large storage that exists in nearly every price range. COMPUTER screen reveals what smartphones worth!

Smartphone memory giant up to 150 euro

A Kingdom for a memory card

Until the Apple parts have numerous mobile devices via a slot for a microsd card through which expand the memory that should in any case prior to purchase check. On the map can be depending on the operating system multimedia data and apps move to relieve the main memory. Windows phone devices, apps on the memory card can be installed: This keeps internal memory free and prevents that decreases the performance of the Smartphone. In the galleries, you will find with a memory card slot note numerous Smartphones that the editorial added than total capacity stated there internal and external space.

Operating system robs space

Not just apps, pictures and videos store on the internal memory the operating system and mail, messages and contacts need plenty of space. The 16-gigabyte version of the iphone 5C remain factory approximately 13 gigabyte free it abides by the volume of the Apple operating system compared to its competitors even in borders.

Smartphone memory giant up to 300 Euro

Large Tam-Tam, low memory

Each manufacturer shows off gross information, when it comes to the store. The net amount is a lot more interesting and relevant for the buyer. Especially Samsung anchored around the Messenger service chaton a huge range of apps on the device, hardly a user needs in addition to the system files. To make matters worse, you can remove the applications easily. So also bloatware remain free for the 16-gigabyte version of the Galaxy S4 due to the useless apps called just 8.5 gigabytes. Blessing in disguise: thanks to the microsd card slot complement memory. Every Android device able to move apps to the microsd card, is in principle but not all applications allow it. Layers to multimedia files, however, is done with a few simple steps. To learn how to move apps from the Android Smartphone on the SD card, in an Editorial Advisor. And the article annoying app case: Samsung apps, delete or disable reveals how your Samsung smartphone from bloatware free.

Saygus V2: the King under the store’s giant

With the V2, US based Saygus unveiled a Smartphone with two card slots in January 2015 within the framework of the CES technology fair. Added to the 64 GB internal memory and two 128-GB-microsd cards, are up 320 gigabytes of data storage available. The equipment is located at the level of the current top models: 5-inch display with full HD resolution, fast quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.5 gigahertz, 3 gigabytes of memory, a 21-megapixel rear camera and a 13-megapixel front camera, which the manufacturer equips each with an optical image stabilizer.

Smartphone store giant from 300 Euro

ARCHOS 45 Platinum: storage giant among 70 euro
who is looking for a Smartphone with decent storage for a fair price, with the ARCHOS 45 Platinum is right. The device offers a storage capacity of 68 gigabytes and a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. You create pictures and videos with the 5-megapixel camera on the back or the front Selfie camera 0.3 megapixels. At 1.2 gigahertz per calculation core processor power, the quad-core chip in conjunction with 1 gigabyte memory delivers enough tempo to applications running to bring liquid

Cloud: more space without memory card

As described, there is still no Apple Smartphone with the practical microsd card slot. So buyer be already with the purchase of clear, how much space they need. The decision has of course impact on the cost: pay for the iphone 6 with 16 gigabytes of memory, proud 750 euro circa 620 euros, for the 64-gigabyte model (stand: March 2015). Who needs in retrospect more space, will help digital way: with the appropriate cloud service add storage capacity for pictures and videos, as well can be outsourced backups of important data in the cloud. Also apps move there but leave open the applications only when they stored on the phone. The Apple cloud service icloud provides a free data volume of 5 gigabytes. You pay monthly for additional online storage. Icloud is but only a provider of many: what cloud services are recommended, says the editorial in the Advisor of dropbox, icloud & co.: cloud services compared.