Photos of the Rod: Many Museums Prohibit Selfie Sticks

Whether on the concert, at the Museum or at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: tourists snap with Selfie stick and Smartphone everything that is not nailed down. The photo bar comes in handy in any case thanks to artificial arm extension record more details in the background and look over the heads of other people. Handy! So, time magazine named Photo telescopic Rod 2014 even to the 25 most important inventions of the year. But all praise above all cultural institutions see a danger by the Selfie gadget for visitors and art treasures.
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Global Selfie-stick ban

Dozens of renowned museums around the globe which is already banned Selfie-stick. Including the Smithsonian Institution air and Space Museum in Washington, the Metropolitan Museum on Central Park or the Vatican museums. Reason for the ban: the Selfie stick is blocking the already limited space in the facilities at rush many visitors must share according to the operators. So a risk of injury for the visitors is formed by the poles and also the artworks may suffer damage.

No ban on London and Paris

Despite the masses who are daily around the Palace of Westminster in London, there is there no ban on the photo bar to test but the situation currently. The local Museum Press Office is currently no reason to act the topic so far to the debate, see those responsible at the Louvre.

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German museums, retighten

Officials support the ban at the Staatliche Museen in Berlin already, because the mobile rods are bulky and sharp-edged objects and endanger the artworks in the Museum premises pursuant to the visitor rules. Basically, Selfies be allowed and encouraged, for private use so spokeswoman Anne SchAfer Junker. Who wants to experience the Bavarian State painting collection, which must allow umbrella and other sharp objects including the Selfie sticks at the door. If it is full in the halls, so stick fast in the glasses of the secondary man. You are just too risky, says spokeswoman Tine Nehler. The Autostadt Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony, however, allows its use of photo bars over two million tourists annually, but probably very few have the arm extension with. There is a reason for a ban, as the visitors very carefully move between vintage, so a spokeswoman.