Our Site Fires off 138 Employees in Denmark

Strong competition gets Our site in Denmark to put the strategy of, and lay off 138 employees in Denmark.

Our site in Denmark takes the hole on a turnaround plan, which should show the way for the entire our site group.

The plan means in the first instance, a reduction in the number of employees at 13 percent, by the end of 2013, the company writes in a press release.

It’s falling earnings and an extremely competitive Danish telecommunications market that gets our site to put strategy on.

With the new strategy dismisses the company 138 employees in March, and genbesætter not 150 posts, while 38 posts to be outsourced.

“Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to good colleagues. It is a decision which is extremely difficult to take, but it is necessary to reduce our costs and make room for new skills, “said our site Denmark’s Executive Director Marek Slacik.

Our site, however, creates 50 new posts, which will ensure the right skills to implement the new strategy.