Orange Your Contract Only Improvement with “Free” Calls between Customers

As I discussed last week, the contract we of Orange is no longer marketed, and today we learned that the reason is a restructuring of rates that it also discontinued the contract since sms that its profit had been surpassed by bonds sms.

This modification in the Orange rates shall enter into force on 2 December and will also affect to your Single contract that will continue to have a minimum consumption of 12 euros and calls to any destination and time by 17 cents per minute but as new benefit, only the first call of the day be paid to mobile Orange whilst the rest of calls that day just paying the call set-up.

At the end a movement from an operator who many considered somewhat relaxed and that with this small change that integrates as the benefit of its promotion rate by one, it is at the level of rates as striking as the 60 × 1 24/Vodafone.

Is also of a blow to the rates for low-cost operators, that despite remain higher that Yoigo and OMV, Orange has a greater number of customers that call for 0 cents per minute and a wider range of services than many value.

We trust that these innovations and the improvement of the flat rates of recently, non-unique movements of Orange and start a real competition between the large operators.


UITS News Room: Office of the Vice President for …

UITS News Room: Office of the Vice President for ...