Orange Tries to Get Rid of The Traditional Prepaid with New Rates on April 1

The rates for prepaid card is traditionally characterized by not being obliged to a minimum monthly consumption as if they have contracts, but since April 1 that will change to Orange.

From this day, Orange descataloga all your current prepaid rates leaving them available only to those who already have them enabled and launches a unique rate with no minimum consumption of 35 cents/minute (more 15 cents of establishment) called I want to.

In addition, Orange will launch 3 options that only apply the months that will make a minimum charge of 10 euros and to remind us of what their customers will receive an informative SMS three days before the end of the month. The new arrangements are as follows:

  • I want 24-hour: the price per minute will be reduced by 50% so the rate will be of 17.5 cents per minute to any destination 24 hours.
  • I want 1 and no more: where the second and subsequent calls to Orange each day will have a price of 0 cents per minute (limited to a maximum of 60 minutes per call, 500 minutes a month and 75 different destinations). The first call of the day to Orange and all calls to other destinations will be priced at 35 cents per minute.
  • I want leisure: calls from Monday to Friday between the 17 and 8 hours 24 hours weekends will have a cost of 10 cents/minute to any destination. Outside the reduced hours, will cost 35 cents/minute.

The establishment in any case will be 15 cents.

The reality is that these new rates will be more advantageous than the current ones with minimum recharge but Orange takes a step back to eliminate other options that did not require any minimum recharge and that allowed greater freedom and control of consumption in exchange rates somewhat higher but not as much as the new 35 cents/minute.

Personally I think that to be forced to a monthly minimum charge, always best any contract rate with lower prices per minute and higher benefits will generally be.

Update: According to the website of Orange, for the benefit of the chosen, the minimum recharge must be 10 euros so be not taken into account if you recharge of 5 in 5 euros. In addition refills do not accumulate for the benefit so if you for example, refills 20 euros a day, the benefit only apply one month from the refueling and not two months in a row (each 10 EUR recharge starts a single 1 month of validity of the benefit period).