Orange Lowers Its Mobile Internet to Navigate from Computer and Tablets If You Are Already a Customer

The month of may will bring sales in the Internet Everywhere of Orange rates for mobility from computer connection and tablets in contract maintaining the same conditions as usual: navigation without limit of traffic by a fixed no surprises in invoice price.

In this way, Orange apply a discount of 5 euros per month if you have a contract line (voice or data) in a similar way as Vodafone applies discounts rates S or higher. Rates available are in the following way:

  • Internet Everywhere 19: Includes unlimited data traffic for a fee of 14 euros/month forever with maximum speed during 1 GB and 64 Kbps all other traffic.
  • Internet Everywhere 39: Includes unlimited data traffic for a fee of 34 euros/month forever with maximum speed during 5 GB and 128 Kbps all other traffic. In addition the customers who sign stay of 18 months with USB modem or similar you will enjoy at 29 euros/month fee the first year While subsidies of computers and tablets with tenure will not be associated with any discount rate so for these cases held at 39 euros/month.

The discount is automatic for new high since May 1 and for current users of Internet Everywhere from June 1.

Following developments in the Orange rates, Update our comparison of mobile broadband to navigate from tablet and computer.