Orange Launches The New “Mini Flat Rate” and Reduces The Price Per Minute out of Schedule “Free”

Orange continues to expand its particular concept of ‘Flat rates’ to call in the evenings with the new “Mini” option which is best suited to customers who speak less and thus deal with tariff vitamin 60 x 1 all Vodafone.

It seems that Orange is not even encouraged to launch “rates flat’ 24 as the newly released from Movistar and the similar Vodafone although at least they are increasing the offer.

With this new modality already are five options that will adapt to different customer profiles and offers a bonus free minutes in Exchange for a monthly fee (without pay call set-up) for call to any national destination in afternoon (between 18:00 and 8:00 from Monday to Sunday). The various forms are:

  • Mini flat rate: 300 minutes free on afternoon for €15 / month.
  • Flat rate: 700 free minutes in the afternoon for €22 / month.
  • Flat rate Plus: 500 minutes free in hours afternoon and 500 free minutes to fixed 24 hours a day by €27.90 / month.
  • Flat rate Naveghable: 700 free minutes during hours of afternoon and 500MB to browse from your mobile 24 hours a day for €29 / month.
  • Voice and internet flat rate: 700 free minutes during hours of afternoon and 2GB to navigate from your computer 24 hours a day for €49 / month.

In addition, calls that exceed the limits or they can get out of afternoon, its price dropped to 18 cents per minute (formerly 21.6 cents) and have a 15 cents call set-up. The rest of limits stays and remains 60 minutes/call, 75 different destinations / month and remember that these rates are incompatible with promotions (except 0 friends).

Customers interested in changing to the new “Mini” mode or even new Orange customers, will have to pay 15 euros for the high rate.