Orange Launches The Blackberry Curve 3G and Activates The Service of Tethering on The IPhone

They are two completely different news, but both equally good. On the one hand, Orange has just announced the launch in Spain of the BlackBerry Curve 9300, also known as BlackBerry Curve 3G. The terminal will be available from now associated with the flat rate of mail and Internet Plus (BlackBerry Internet Service) by 10 euros month.

The second news is that this same weekend, Orange has launched the Update that will allow, at last, make Tethering with the iPhone 4.

The BlackBerry Curve 9300 is available from zero euros and it may also be acquired, through the plan renove, by freelancers and companies who are already customers of the company.

Apart from the interesting thing is the Curve 3 G’s, Orange has launched a promotion why customers that are made with this terminal before October 31st will receive a BlackBerry Music Gateway. This little accessory allows to connect the Blackberry to any audio equipment to listen to the music that we have stored on your phone via Bluetooth. The BlackBerry Music Gateway requires own power (with the same charger cable the phone) and connects to your audio equipment by means of a simple stereo output jack of 3.5 mm.

The BlackBerry Curve 9300 It is a version advanced the 8520, to which has been added HSDPA and WiFi connectivity. This smartphone maintains the characteristic keyboard qwerty Research in Motion under a LCD display with resolution 320 × 240 pixels and a discrete 2-megapixel camera.

Finally Tethering on the iPhone

Orange was the only company which launched the iPhone in Spain which had been castrated the Tethering service in the terminal. Finally, the operator has decided to rectify this absurd and has begun to distribute the update that allows use your phone as a WiFi router to connect other devices.

The update hits automatically to synchronize iTunes in the terminal itself and is fully free. The company recommends to use the Tethering service with its 1GB Dolphin data rate for not exhausting the limit of data consumption too fast.