Orange Launches New Fees Prepaid for Surfing The Internet from Computer

Approaching the summer and operators are beginning to design its offer for this time of the year in which especially interested in connections to Internet mobility for specific periods and no permanence.

The prepaid It is a good choice for the holidays although they tend to have worse conditions that rates contract that also improved not long ago but in this case, prices include VAT which indicate the value required to recharge the card without having to do with the excess balance accounts.

Any of the new arrangements will include unlimited traffic with speed limited to 64 Kbps (instead of 128 Kbps as so far) to exceed the consumption included in the rate, but in no event shall be paid anything extra whenever you navigate in national territory.

  • Starting today, will cut the daily rate to 3.50 euros per day of use (formerly 3.90 euros) and includes 250 MB/day to the maximum speed.
  • The new monthly fee costs 35 euros that includes 2 GB/month to the maximum speed.

If Movistar has launched the same rates that I already had for iPad users, it seems that Orange has done the opposite and now extends your iPad rates so that all customers can hire them to navigate from your computer.

Soon we will update our comparison of mobile internet rates to navigate from computer including all these new options and which still missing to reach the summer face.