Orange Launches Its Rate Flat to Navigate from The Mobile

Orange has been the last in reacting to the movements of Movistar and Vodafone in the field of internet from the telephone and finally launches its navigation on the mobile flat rate Although it will only be available for self-employed customers and companies.

The new rate has a monthly fee of 8 euros and allows you to navigate through wap or web unlimited but with limited from 100 MB to 128 Kbps. speed as option for the most demanding clients also the possibility of not slowing once surpassed the 100MB and cost € 4 each additional 100MB up to a monthly maximum payment guaranteed from €48.

To ensure that it is used exclusively from the a mobile (and not from a computer) should overcome the 15 GB monthly, speed is limited to 64 Kbps with the option of maximum € 8 or 128 Kbps with the option of maximum €48. Remember that in case of not hiring any data rate, it billed to 1 euro for each day of use (limited to 1 euro for each 10 MB consumed in each profile).

The rate is available for any model of mobile without high cost but the major drawback is that hiring will mean having the rate activated for 18 months. Something that collides with other added benefits of competition as the first free month of rate Vodafone without commitment and WAP unlimited speed, or unlimited use of WiFi Movistar.

The only similar rate for private individuals is offered only with the rate flat naveghable which includes 500MB £ 7 although we should add the required €22 calls “ free ” between 18 and 8 hours of each day.