Orange Launches for Customers The New Company Rate 4 Hours + 4

After the price increase announced in all fees for professional, Orange also the new rate of self-employed/business will launch in March 4 hours + 4 to deal with the Plan 5 hours of Vodafone.

It’s a concept similar to the current 4 hours + leisure (which shall remain) so that the new 4 hours + 4 will have a monthly fee of 30 euros/line to call free to any destination for 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday that it may be 8 consecutive hours or choose from two strips of 4 hours each.

Calls during weekends and which do not enter the free consumption will have a cost of 12 cents/minute (more 15 cents/establishment) that must be covered in a non-shared minimum consumption of 12 euros/additional line to the monthly fee.

The best is that finally, this fee will include the option of hiring internal calls free (maximum 1000 minutes 24 hours of every day) for an additional fee of 5 euros/line which will be compulsory activation on all lines If the company is interested in this module. In addition, companies that hire 10 or more lines with the rate 4 hours + 4, will see reduced the monthly fee 25 euros/line.

The worst as always are the limits: maximum 1000 free minutes per month, maximum 150 destinations other than the month of free calls and the novelty that slots should be the same in all lines of the company who hire 4 hours + 4 or 4 hours + leisure. In addition is likely the day of its launch, Orange descatalogue the current rate 4 hours which launched Amena in 2005 under conditions that have been gradually getting worse.


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Goletas Finest