Orange Launches Flat Rate 24 Hours for Private Clients

Finally Orange complements its four rates flat to only apply to call in the afternoon with the new Flat rate 24 hours.

Starting from Sunday, February 22, the individual customers of Orange to hire this new rate which for a fee of 59 euros per month You can talk for free with any national destination every day 24 hours.

The activation the rate will have a cost of 15 euros you will not have to pay the portability or migration but if the new high or those who are already customers of Orange and decide to move to the flat rate 24 hours.

The rate, which has little flat, has some limits 1000 free minutes per month)maximum 500 minutes to mobile and the rest to fixed) and a maximum of 75 different destinations monthly so it exceeded any of these limits, applies a rate of 18 cents per minute (more 15 cents/establishment).

Comparison with rivals

Movistar It has launched several modalities of Idirizzi with monthly installments of 19 euros which includes 10 free minutes per day, or quotas of 69, 99 to 159 euros including 500, 750 and 1500 free minutes per month respectively.

Vodafone for its part launched this Christmas Super multicolor 60 × 1 24 hours that for a monthly fee of 12 euros includes 1000 minutes to call landlines and mobile alike as a difference with those presented by Movistar and Orange, Vodafone if it charges the establishment call and the first minute so only makes it profitable If you make less than 139 calls per month compared with Orange or less than 168 calls compared with the Movistar whacked 69 or if 500 minutes fall short in any case.

Of the other operators, so far Mobile Bankinter It is the only one who has dared to launch something similar for 99 euros which includes 1000 minutes + 100 sms + 1 GB internet, but Simyo It has already advanced that before the summer you plan to make its own mode.

It seems that 2009 presents interesting in terms new forms of tariffs in the style of other countries that ensure peace of mind on the invoice provided not overcome limits almost necessary to prevent fraudulent use?


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