Orange Extends Its Rates of Animals Card Users Prepaid

The good reception of the rates of animals among contract customers has made that Orange present new rates squirrel, Lion, and Dolphin for prepaid card users that descatalogan the above rates wants but continues to linked to a minimum recharge that moves away them from the idea of traditional prepaid without any requirement for those who consume little.

The new rates represent a better balance between prepaid and contract Orange rates as main contrast compared to the offer with minimum recharge of Vodafone. As of March 7, the only rates available on prepaid Orange will be:

  • Leon: For a fee of 7 euros/week It includes 100 minutes to national destinations (maximum 75 minutes to mobile) for seven consecutive days and without pay call set-up. The weekly renewal will be automatic provided that the user has enough (non-promotional) balance and the rest of calls (if you do not recharge or exceed any limit) will be 24 cents per minute (more 15 cents of establishment) and 15 cents/SMS.
  • Squirrel: With each recharge of 5 euros or more will begin a period of 30 days during which you can call at any time and to any national destination by 9 cents per minute (more 15 cents of establishment). Periods are not cumulative so you can enjoy the benefit for a maximum of 30 days with every top-up and the rest is charged 24 cents per minute and 15 cents/SMS.
  • Dolphin: For a fee of 3.50 euros per week includes 50 SMS to any destination and unlimited traffic to browse over internet with speed limited to 128 Kbps from 50MB that week. Calls have a unique cost of 9 cents per minute all with automatic renewal of the fee, or 24 cents per minute without fee (always more 15 cents of establishment) and 15 cents/SMS. Rate compatible with Blackberry services in the same way that Vodafone prepaid.