Orange Complete Their Voice Tariffs with The New 8 Squirrel

There are already more than 30 mobile operators in Spain that have managed to achieve unimaginable lows a few years ago but it seems that the market has managed to establish in 8 cents/minute the calls stop low cost flat in balance with other services and the subsidy of mobile.

First it was Yoigo and following the launch of options more cheap in the MVNO, incumbents had to match this rate even if it was for very specific cases. For example, Movistar and Vodafone offer a rate of 8 cents per minute and 6 euros for the minimum consumption in the departments of retentions and customers without stays. It is now Orange which officially sets 8 as element highlighted its rates per minute.

The new rate squirrel 8 allows to speak for 8 cents/minute (more call set-up 15 cents) with any national destination 24 hours a day in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 8 euros. The messages kept its regular price of 15 cents/SMS.

As well as rate squirrel 6, this modality if it will be compatible with the points program and permanent contracts by grant’s terminals although the subsidy will be much lower than other rates. In addition also may be saving modules as friends to 0, SMS, mobile internet, Plus numbers, modules, family bonds or travels and speaks, but not other options as my preferred, FAQ, module fixed or any promotion as everyone to 0.

Switch to this new fee will cost 15 euros high although new customers (through migration, portability and high new) does not need to pay for activation.