NVIDIA Tegra 3 Is Official, Adobe Says Goodbye to Flash for Mobile, The Invasion Android

Much had spoken of the next processor quad-core, but it’s finally official: Nvidia Tegra 3 will be the first quad-core processor (next to one of support). Chip that will debut the spectacular Asus Transformer Prime and possibly the HTC Edge, which could be the first Smartphone with Tegra 3. However no confirmation for the latter, yet.

This week we have also seen how it has debuted a smartphones for the French operator Orange Monte Carlo manufactured by ZTE. We have also seen as home developers have managed to get more out of the Galaxy SII and put it to 1, 6 GHz. In addition, Logitech has announced that removed the limit on Google TV; a movement that has cost the company 100 million dollars in losses.

Another who have been dismissed this week has been Flash. Adobe has decided that Here comes the adventure of its standard in mobile and that it will now work with other technologies like HTML5. Speaking of applications, although these are a little more alive, take a look at wind-up Knight and Sim City Deluxe, a couple of very entertaining games.

In our Special video player We talked about QQ player, iMPlayer +, says Player and VitalPlayer. This week Google Maps has updated and Xataka Android os have had their news. Finally, and for the more impatient, with Ice Cream Sandwich first ROMs are coming to terminals as Samsung Galaxy SII, take a look at this interesting version that also works with MIUI.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.