Number of Downloads and Galaxy Nexus Leading Android Already Has Date in Spain, The Invasion Android

Do you want to buy the Galaxy Nexus? Write down this date: November 17. Samsung has confirmed this week the release date of the standard bearer of Ice Cream Sandwich. This week also the Korean has brought us more news: are the main selling ahead of Apple and Nokia smartphones. A fact that shows that Android to grow along with the leadership in application download.

Also other manufacturers bring us good news. For example Asus has already announced that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer with 3G is already on sale in Spain, while the Prime Transformer can be seen on the network. We have also tested the P4D Nvsvbl of Sirius and by the way, if you have a HTC remember that Dropbox gives you 5 GB of free space so you go up what you want to the cloud.

This week we have continued with our special video player Android where we talked about Mx Video Player and VPlayer. We have also seen how Swype and Dolphin Browser updated although eye with the latter, there is a problem of security.

Last comment that they are already appearing the first Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs based on the SDK. The lucky ones: the previous Nexus, while Google announced that this new version would not the Nexus one. I remind you that these versions are still experimental and when released the source code to be a better-performing and more optimized versions. These are only the first steps.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.