Now Authorities Are Investigating Mobile Holes

The Danish Ministry of business and growth will now examine whether there is mobile holes around the country.

Yesterday was published the long-awaited broadband report from the Danish Ministry of business and growth. In the report, it appears that the Danish Ministry of business and growth course of 2013 will make a survey of mobile broadband, which can complement the mapping of mobile voice coverage, which was published last year.

In the report, it appears that a more accurate broadband mapping will be able to increase transparency in the broadband market, and to an improved mapping will give public authorities, citizens and businesses a better insight in broadband coverage at the local level. 

That is why the Ministry of business and growth in the beginning of 2013 launched measurements of cell coverage at 420 locations in Denmark, where, among other things, the municipalities have reported one unsatisfactory outdoor mobile voice coverage – i.e. areas such as popularly called Mobile holes.

420 places with poor mobile coverage in Denmark, however, works as a low number when Tv2 ‘s large study at the beginning of the year showed tens of thousands of mobile holes in Denmark. But the reason is probably that the business and growth of the Ministry of examination is done on the basis of local government alerts and not random smartphone users.

The Ministry’s business and growth measurements must uncover whether other telecommunications companies, mixed coverage map gives a retsvisende picture of reality. The measurements must also uncover about the lack of coverage due to the users’ choice of mobile operator or mobile phone. The result of the mapping is expected to be ready by mid-2013.