Mili Power Angel 2: Iphone Battery In The Practice Test

The common iphone owner uses its Smartphone not only to make phone calls and texting. With the iphone you are online around the clock: send and receive emails, watch videos, play music streaming and games the many requests that users of the Smartphone that comes the battery quickly at its borders. Nightly charging is standard, and yet always the concern is there, that the juice comes from the mobile.
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Extended battery as a Savior in the emergency

The battery is flabby, it is convenient to have a spare battery in your pocket, which brings the Smartphone to run. The mili power Angel 2 weighs just 69 grams and disturbs and fits loosely into a hand – or even jacket pocket. With a size of 65 x 60 x 15, 8 millimetres, he takes away space. For the check comes an iphone 5 C used. The battery is chic: the shiny, smooth black surface fits well with the phone’s display, the lightning connector is located under a light blue transparent cover. Visually, the mili reminds power fishing 2 on a hinged storm lighter. The first impression is so positive.

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The extended battery has more power than Apple’s iphone

(mah) the power-pivot 2 supplied with 2,200 mah your Apple device connected to the lightning. For comparison: the battery of the iphone 5C mah has a capacity of 1.510. Recharging can be the small power pack via USB cable. It is embedded on the side of the power Angels 2. So it bothers either optically or haptically. With up to four blue leds, a small black button on the opposite side provides information about battery charging of the battery pack.

Brave: day trip with an empty battery

With just seven percent of battery in the iphone it was power fishing 2 without charger on a day trip, equipped with a fully loaded mili. The tester stopped throughout the day in the open air. The outside temperature was no more than three degrees of Celsius. No optimal conditions for batteries.

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Mili power Angel 2: use

After a few minutes surfing the Web the Smartphone already gave up the spirit. Time for the battery pack. After a moment, the Apple on the screen appeared: the phone ran again. And throughout the day. It has somehow something reassuring, if far from watching his smartphone from any electrical outlet when loading, instead of unloading.

When handling the battery doesn’t bother

That the iphone through the extended battery is approximately six centimetres longer, not bothered when handling. The calls as well as the use of the touch screen worked easily.

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Even after ten days still full power

After the test date, the battery without intermediate charge remained in the purse. Then entered the emergency: when the battery was flabby, the power-pivot 2 of three showed blue light. Gratifying: After ten days without contact with the mains and a fully loaded iphone 5 C had the mili power Angel 2 just lost a quarter of its cargo and provided the cell with energy.

Conclusion: chic, strong and durable

The mili power Angel 2 not only chic looks, but does a good job. He is a reliable companion that takes over when the battery of the Smartphone has no steam. Shocks, cold and humidity nothing could have the battery pack at least in this everyday usage. He unloads himself hardly by itself and managed two fully charges of the iphone battery. However, the power Angel 2 is not exactly cheap at a price of 45 euros.

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