Microsoft Office on Your IPad, Free Calls and Services Zombies, Galaxy Engadget Mobile

We return, one week, to the review of highlights from the mobile news in the Spanish blogosphere. A week of movidito, as you can imagine, after the long day that resulted in CES.

A new competitor for Skype and Viber, Microsoft Office and Windows 7 virtualized on your iPad, or a review of telephone services in “zombie” State are our recommendations Galaxy Engadget Mobile This week.

  • Do you need to use the full potential of? Microsoft Office even if you’re not at your computer, or simply want to amaze friends and strangers with a version of Windows 7 running on your iPad? OnLive, a service emulation games online for all kinds of devices, will make you to stick to it with OnLive Desktop, ‘iPadizate’ us explains how the invention works.
  • Cloud storage services are multiplying like rabbits in a matter of months, but advantages can have on each other? In ‘’ analyze us two of the best-known, DropBox and SugarSync, to try to clarify the pros and cons of their services.
  • “Telephone services who left his time far behind Golden (we can start talking about the SMS, but it is not the case) and they are not nearly interesting or for operators, ‘CMT blog’ speak to us of this type of situations of”Zombie services”and as companies begin to give his new twist.
  • Similar in popularity to the growth of cloud-based services, can highlight the growth of systems VoIP Mobile. Skype or Viber are best known by the masses, but ‘GoPonyGo’ presents Vopium, an alternative really serious, without going any further, is available for virtually all platforms, even on the obsolete Windows Mobile.
  • We have all heard something about the great price slump that is suffering the tablet BlackBerry PlayBook in the American market, but as it could not be otherwise, in Spain also had to notice it in some way. In ‘My BlackBerry’ echo of the final descent of price we also in our country.
  • To finish, and to relax, arrived to the analysis of a set of Action RPG We offer ‘Free Android’ guys. In this case it is of ‘Esther’, a colorful Title that will make us remember, in portable version, the great sagas that we already enjoyed on PCs or consoles.

The review was completed. Remember, as always, you can send us clues for the next installment of Galaxy Engadget Mobile to our contact mail.