Microsoft Lumia 1030: Prototype Of The Top Smartphones Showed Up

Lumia 1030: only a few technical facts known

Should the photos 1030 really show the Lumia, then as there is the new model in an aluminium casing, similar to the Lumia 925, and has 2 gigabytes of memory (such as the Lumia 1020). The data memory is apparently 32 gigabytes in size, the display resolves to full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. Information about the processor, there is so far not.

Why that is overdue Lumia 1030

It is around 1.5 years, his camera-Primus Lumia to 1020, introduced the first Windows phone with 41-mega pixel camera, to Nokia. Photo quality occupied the Lumia the special 41-megapixel sensor and the thick lens provide 1020 still number 1 of the Our site leaderboard for unrivalled sharpness of detail. Only trip and long, slow-motion videos and 4K-Aufnahmen the competition now has the nose front with Apple’s iphone 6 plus, but also the Nokia Lumia 930 out of their own house or the Galaxy rated 4 by Samsung are better here. In addition, that the Lumia 1020 with the older generation of processor Qualcomm S4 Pro works and not with the new Snapdragon 400 or 800.

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A successor needs more speed

Fans hope that a successor rely on special processors for photo editing that could speed up the work of the camera (also when saving RAW files). So far Windows phone was different than Nokia’s ancient operating system Symbian still not in a position, on such co processors recourse to

Test: Smartphone Predecessor Nokia Lumia 1020

Oversampling technique

A special feature of the Nokia / Microsoft Photo phones: models with 20 – or 41-megapixel sensor (used in the models of Lumia 930, 1520 and 1020), known as oversampling technique ensures that on the basis of 20 or 41-megapixel shots , file size due to already uploaded to Facebook for this & co. Are not suitable, smaller files with 5-megapixel resolution are calculated, show far better picture quality than normal 5-megapixel cameras. You looking in vain for competing manufacturers such as Sony this oversampling technique build also sharp 20-megapixel resolution cameras.

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Scope of delivery, product pictures, apps

Assessment: Microsoft Lumia 1030

If the gel files details are correct, then Microsoft with the Lumia has 1030 again an interesting camera smartphone in the portfolio that is likely powerful heat of the competition as a worthy successor to the 1020. When the device becomes ready for series production, is still open.