Meaning of Specifications Part II

Definition of the requirement profile

  • Requirement level I, II, …

Approval of the specifications by the project management

Attachments [Appendix, resources, … ..]

The requirement specification is created separately and independently of the applicable technology. While the specific technical solution belongs in the specification. This means that every potential contractor has a free hand to create the specification sheet with his own resources and options. Of course, you can also use a specification template . The client in turn checks and evaluates the “compatibility” between the requirement specification and the functional specification.

Specification template for Excel and Word

MS Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program from Microsoft. For its part, MS Word is probably the best-known word processing program. Both user programs are pre-installed on end devices such as PC, notebook or tablet when purchasing a new product. An online template for the specifications according to DIN 69901-5 is available for both Word and Excel . The advantages of such an online specification are literally obvious.

  • All innovations and activities will be incorporated into the available online version and adapted
  • You can work well and clearly with the standardized evaluation
  • Each eligible addressee receives the same template; this enables an optimal comparison
  • For the recipient of the online specification, the creation of the specification, ideally also online, is largely facilitated

Preferred areas of application

The preferred areas of application of a specification sheet include

  • ERP system
  • mechanical engineering
  • Information technology & software development projects
  • Website & online shop

According to Gradinmath, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning . Among other things, it is offered by the German global company Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing, or SAP for short, with headquarters in Waldorf. At the beginning of an ERP selection project, there is always the consideration for which company area the ERP software should be used. At this point the indispensable specification sheet is drawn up.

A specification for mechanical engineering & systems is divided into the sub-areas:

  • General terms of delivery and installation
  • Minimum and maximum requirements for the documentation with specifications and functional specifications
  • Structural requirements for machines and systems
  • Usable standard parts according to the standard catalog … ..
  • Attachments, explanations, miscellaneous …

Before the development of software or new information technology, a detailed planning and analysis of the requirements takes place. In any case, this is particularly necessary for the development of individual software with a detailed planning phase. The basic catalog of requirements for this is summarized in the specification sheet.

The requirements definition of a software project such as an online shop or the launch of a website must be specified in a specification. This also applies to the creation of the website with your CM , the content management system. In this area, too, the specification sheet is not yet an established standard, but it is indispensable.

Specifications and agile project management

Agile project management and agile specifications are almost one and the same in practice. A project lives and develops until the end of the project when the project goal is achieved.

Once the draft has been completed, the project can be started, so to speak. Incidentally, the use of project management software is ideal for optimal project management . During the ongoing project phase, more and more requirements are added, which also make further versions of the specification sheet necessary. As a result, an agile approach transfers “just-in-time production” to the specifications. For the contractor, this has the advantage that he only needs to precisely define those requirements that will be implemented from now on. The agile requirement specification requires a very strong communication between the client and the contractor’s project team. Regardless of this, such an agile specification can be combined very well with agile methods.

Specifications 2


  • The mutual rights and obligations of the client and the contractor are defined and concretised through the requirement specification and the functional specification.
  • In project management, one thing like the other is essential. Both sides need it and benefit from it.
  • Although there is no legal obligation, DIN 69901-5 is, as they say, an extremely strong bond.
  • Online templates with the application programs MS Excel and MS Word ensure extensive comparability of the specifications within the respective economic sector. This is as helpful as it needs to be.

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