Meaning of Salaried

The individual who receives a salary as a consideration for the work activity he carries out is known as an employee. The salary, also called salary, is the monetary remuneration that the worker receives regularly for his work.

The salaried worker, in this way, transfers his labor power to another person, who pays him a salary in exchange. An employee may be said to be an employee of a company or entity, as opposed to independent or self-employed workers.

Being a salaried employee means having to respect a series of rules and face duties such as complying with established schedules, respecting your colleagues and superiors, performing the tasks you have been assigned…

Labor relations must be governed by law through a contract that protects the rights of the employee and stipulates his responsibilities and obligations. However, there is informal or black work, where the employee lacks protection.

The price of wages depends on the game of supply and demand in the labor market. The State, however, often set mandatory minimum wages for any employee receives a lower remuneration established by law.

In the capitalist system, most workers are salaried. When a salaried employee applies his force from his work, he generates a certain wealth (which is translated into the manufacture of a product, the offer of a service, etc.). The employer pays the employee with the remuneration, which is a percentage of that wealth, and appropriates the rest: this surplus value is the employer’s profit.

It should be noted that, beyond salary, there are other variables that determine the employee’s employment situation, such as hours of rest, paid vacations, Christmas bonuses or access to social work.

Among the advantages of being a salaried employee are the following:
-You have the security of having a fixed salary per month, which allows you to have some peace of mind regarding what happens to the self-employed worker.
-Incentives and salary increases as well as extra payments are received periodically.
-It has a fixed schedule as well as paid vacations and rest days.
-There is a company behind that assumes the consequences, personal and financial, in the event of an accident at work.

Being an employee also has its disadvantages such as:
-It is known that a month will only be charged for what is established in the contract and nothing else.
-It is necessary to abide by the rules established in the company whether they like it or not.
-When developing work, you are at the mercy of what the superiors establish and the complementary work of colleagues.
-At any time the company can close or it can be fired.
-As for hours, vacations and days off, you must respect what is imposed by the company, even if it is not what you like best.
-It is not so easy to achieve new personal goals or even achieve a salary increase and even a better position within the company.


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