Meaning of Roast

The term asado is linked to the verb asar: the action that consists of cooking a food in direct contact with the fire or from a position very close to the flames. Both the technique and the food resulting from the process, especially when it refers to beef, are called roast.

In the roast, the meat receives the heat of the fire gradually. Typically, it is placed on a structure known as a grill so that it is suspended above the flames and receives its heat. The fire, on the other hand, is usually lit with firewood or charcoal.

The roasting technique varies according to the country. In Argentina, Uruguay and other nations, meat is placed on the grill, near the fire. A gas grill is often used in the United States as a heat source. The espiedo (the meat is pricked on a metal rod that rotates on fire), the roast to the spit or at withers (the animal is disposed on a cross) and roast the stick (where the meat is impaled) are other systems used to roast.

It is important to establish that there are many countries in which roast is the typical dish. This would be the case, for example, in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay or Argentina, for example. However, the same is also true in Colombia, in some corners of Brazil…

One of the most relevant at the international level is that of Argentina, from which a series of data of interest can be indicated, such as these: –
Traditionally, their preparation has been reserved for men.
-In most cases, roasting has been used as an element of union and social cohesion, since relatives, friends, colleagues have gathered around its preparation and tasting…
-Generally, it is made with beef. In this way, it differs from other countries in America where it is carried out with pork or chicken.
-The usual thing is that before the aforementioned dish, diners enjoy a starter.

Regarding the typical Chilean barbecue, we can highlight these other particularities:
-Although it is mainly made with beef, you can also make use of chicken or pork, as well as sausages, criadillas…
-The person who makes it is the only one who can touch the barbecue and is called a barbecue.
-As a general rule, what is known as pebre is used as a condiment. This we can establish that it is a kind of sauce where both onion and garlic, pepper, oregano, oil, coriander take center stage…

One of the most popular cuts of meat for roasting is the so-called strip roast, which is also known as a roast strip. It is the rib of the cow, cut crosswise. In many regions the achuras or viscera are also roasted (kidneys, gizzards, chinchulines) and different sausages (chorizos, black pudding, sausages).

It should be noted that the roast can be accompanied with different garnishes (potatoes or chips, salads) to complete the menu.


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