Meaning of Joint

Articulation, from the Latin word articulatio, is the act and the result of articulating: the union or combination of different elements that grants a certain freedom to each one. An articulation, in this framework, can be the link that is established between two pieces and that enables the movement of both.

A joint is called a mobile or fixed joint that establishes one bone with another, with cartilage or with teeth. These joints allow people and animals to carry out mechanical movements and the body to have greater plasticity and elasticity.

If we take into account what is the degree of mobility of the joint in particular, we must emphasize that three different types are established:
– The mobile or synovial ones, which offer a great range of movement to the bones and which are the ones that predominate in the human body.
-The semi-mobile, which have little mobility and are joined through what is a cartilage.
-The immobile, also known as synarthrosis. They are rigid and therefore have no mobility. We find some of those joints in areas such as the nose or the brain.

In the knee and elbow, for example, there are joints. It is called arthrology medical specialty dedicated to the analysis of the joints, which may undergo various disorders: arthritis (generated by wear of cartilage), arthritis (inflammation of a joint) and others.

However, we cannot overlook the existence of another long list of problems and pathologies that can affect the joints. We are referring to some such as the following:
-Dislocations, which are injuries that are identified by the fact that the joints come out of the bones.
-Bursitis, which is an inflammation of a fluid bag that protects the joint.
-Sprain, which is one of the most common pathologies that take place with the joints. It occurs when a movement is made to damage them, specifically the ligaments and capsules they have. The result of this situation is that the joint swells forcefully, so it will be necessary for it to be treated by the doctor. In the most forceful cases, you will choose to use plaster or even surgical intervention.

In the same way, we must not forget other conditions that affect the joints such as hip dysplasia, tenosynovitis, rupture of the meniscus…

The botanical also appeals to the notion of articulation to designate the binding of different parts of the plants. There are joints between the trunk and the branches and between the branches and the petiole, to name a few cases.

On the other hand, articulation is the pronunciation of the terms and the position and displacement of the organs when speaking. Through phonation, the human being sets in motion a series of muscles and structures that allow the emission of intelligible sounds: that is, the articulation of words.

In the field of music, finally, articulation is linked to how the transition between sounds is made.


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