Meaning of Field of Study

Before getting to know the meaning of the term field of study, it is necessary to do the same with its etymological origin. In this case, we can expose the following information about the two words that shape it:
-Campo is a noun that comes from Latin, more specifically it derives from “campus”, which can be translated as “flat terrain”.
-Study, on the other hand, also has a Latin etymological origin. Specifically, it emanates from “studium”, which is synonymous with “application”.

Field is a term with almost twenty meanings. In this case we will stay with its definition as the scope, either imaginary or real, that is proper or characteristic of something. The study, on the other hand, is the intellectual effort that is carried out to develop a learning process. The concept is also used to refer to the result or effect of this same process.

According to abbreviationfinder, the idea of field of study is often used with reference to a branch of knowledge. In a science there can be multiple fields of study: each one corresponds to a specialization or a specific sector of knowledge.

An expert in communication sciences, for example, may choose digital communication as a field of study. This means that, beyond having extensive knowledge about communication processes, he decides to specifically specialize in how communication is developed through digital media. In this framework, the specialist will apply his knowledge and the general theories of communication in the specific field of study he has chosen.

A psychologist, for his part, can focus on phobias as a field of study. This decision leads him to develop his work with phobic patients, studying the origin, development and treatment of these disorders.

If we focus on biology, we can find genetics among its fields of study. This area of ​​biological studies is oriented towards inheritance (genes) that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Other interesting data about the field of study are the following:
-It seems that the origin of the creation of the fields of study is found in the nineteenth century. And it was at that time that the different institutes of higher education opted to include more topics, disciplines and specialized branches. In this way, literature, psychology, biology, physics, engineering, education were incorporated into the arts, medicine, law or theology…
-It is considered that they are very important when it comes to getting a science or discipline advance. And it is that specializing in a specific field will allow taking great steps in it that may benefit the entire discipline in general.

In the same way, it should not be forgotten that in a curriculum there is also the field of study section. This must include the regulated training of the person in question, that is, the academic qualification he or she has.

Field of Study

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