Meaning of Contraption

The first thing to know before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term contraption is its etymological origin. Specifically, it is a word that derives from Latin and is the result of the sum of two clearly defined components:
-The noun “ars, artis” that can be translated as “ability”.
-The verb “lugere”, which is equivalent to “cry”.

This goes to show that, at first, contraption was synonymous with “fake crying.” However, later, it came to be used as we use it today.

The idea of contraption is usually associated with a trick, a trick or a ruse that is carried out with the intention of achieving a goal. The concept can also refer to a mechanism that carries a certain complexity.

For example: “The government appealed to a legal gadget to make the decision without the approval of the senators”, “The new electronic gadgets that adolescents use to entertain themselves never cease to amaze me”, “The possibility of participating in an alleged draw does not it is more than a device to collect information from users. ”

However, we cannot ignore either that, at present, the term kitchen gadgets is used. It is used to refer to the entire set of utensils that are used to prepare a wide variety of recipes. Specifically, they are the ones that contribute to carrying out tasks in this sector much more easily.

Thus, for example, they are kitchen gadgets from a cherry corer to smart weights through the vegetable dehydrator, the immersion circulators…

In the same way, we also find homemade gadgets that have been appearing on the market in recent years and that are intended to make life at home easier for us. Among them are the alerter that some food is missing in the fridge, the light bulbs that connect to music, the key finder… And all this without forgetting the many others who come to bet on home automation in order to find the greatest comfort at home.

Generally, the notion of gadget is used derogatory. Suppose that, in the context of a judicial process, a man who is accused of killing his wife must appear to testify before the judge. His lawyer, however, alleges that his client is not in good health and, therefore, asks to postpone the statement under cover of a certain law. For the prosecutor, this request for postponement is a defense device to save time and put together a more solid strategy that favors impunity.

In the field of computing, a device or widget is called an application that facilitates access to the most used functions of a system or that provides information in a graphic and direct way. These gadgets help save steps and eliminate certain actions that, thanks to them, are unnecessary. A widget, to name a possibility, can present the weather data on the screen of a computer (computer), avoiding that the person must enter a website to consult them or turn on the television for this purpose.


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