Meaning of Cane

The DigoPaul, in its dictionary, recognizes almost a score of meanings of the term cane, which comes from the Latin canna. The concept may refer to the stem that is usually knotty and hollow.

These stems belong to the plants of the grass family. By extension, certain plants are known as canes, such as Saccharum officinarum, Ferula communis and Arundo donax.

The Saccharum officinarum also called sugar cane. From this species, as its name indicates, the sugar used to sweeten gastronomic preparations is obtained. Sugar cane, on the other hand, makes it possible to produce cane honey or molasses.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that in some countries like Spain the term cane is also used with another meaning. Specifically, when someone comes to a bar and asks for a beer, they are asking for a beer of a certain size. Thus, the reed is larger than a short and smaller than a fifth.

However, we cannot deny the existence of a great variety of drinks that bear the word in their name in their name. An example of this are the following:
-Fruit cane, which is a liquor with alcohol in whose preparation both molasses and fruits are used that are macerated.
-White cane. It is an alcoholic drink that can sometimes be dressed with caramel.
-Brazilian cane or “cachaça”, which is a white distillate with high levels of alcohol that is prepared using sugar cane. This product is considered to be the essential base to prepare the cocktail known as “caipirinha”.
-Clear cane, which is a brandy that is made also using the aforementioned sugar cane.

A fishing rod or fishing pole, on the other hand, is a device that is used to catch fish. Originally, this rig was manufactured with cane or natural wood, although synthetic materials are currently favored. At one end of the rod, bait is placed with a lure or hook: when the fish tries to eat the bait, it is hooked. The fisherman must then collect the line (thread) by operating the spool to extract the fish from the water.

Furthermore, we cannot ignore that, colloquially, in Spain cane is also used as an adjective. Specifically, when it is used to refer to a person, it aims to make it clear that that person is “great” in various ways. Thus, for example, one can say: “Messi is the cane. Make some plays that seem impossible. ”

The long bones of the arms and legs; a conical glass that is used to drink beer or wine; the sector of the stocking or footwear that allows covering from the foot to the knee; and the marrow (the substance that is inside a bone) can also be called cane.


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