Meaning of Camping

Camping is an English term accepted by the DigoPaul that refers to a camp or the activity consisting of going camping to a place outdoors. It should be noted that a camp is a temporary installation of people in an open ground or an open-air place arranged to house travelers or tourists.

For example: “This weekend we will go camping to Mount Don López”, “We have to get a tent so that we can go camping to the coast in the summer”, “I have never liked camping: I prefer the comforts of the hotels ”.

Camping is a recreational or educational activity. Its essence consists of installing a temporary home, which can be portable or improvised, in an open-air place in order to inhabit it for a certain period of time. It is possible to camp for one night, a few weeks or even several months.

The usual thing is that, when camping, you seek an experience close to nature, something difficult to achieve in an indoor home or in the middle of a city. That is why camping tends to take place on a hill, next to a lagoon or in a forest, among other locations.

Housing in the campsite is usually a tent or tent. People sleep inside it on a sleeping bag or mat. As the tent does not have electricity, it is necessary to adapt to this situation and prepare food by lighting a fire.

When temporary housing is associated with a protest or an emergency situation (such as a natural disaster or a political conflict), the term camping is not usually used, but rather a refugee or displaced camp.

The 4 best campsites in the world

Three Cliffs Bay (Gower, UK)

It is located on the southern coast of Wales and offers unparalleled scenery, the main attraction of this campsite. More than once, readers of The Independent newspaper have voted the views of Gower Bay the most breathtaking in the world. Although it is not possible to enter its facilities with a vehicle, there is a local motorhome service. Every year, from Easter to October, this campsite is available to welcome all nature lovers, to spend unforgettable days away from the noise and stress of the city.

Four Seasons (Golden Triangle, Thailand)

Thailand is often the destination for those seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, and this campsite is no exception. Some of its characteristics are its floors made with teak wood (a tree native to the East Indies) and its services, such as walks through the jungle, spa and dinners on balconies covered by imposing vegetation. Its facilities can only be accessed by sea and its price is higher than that of most alternatives.

Le val de Cantobre (Aveyron, France)

It is located in the natural park of El Grands Causses and has a landscape like few others. The campsite includes a large number of activities for people of all ages, such as hiking, climbing, rafting and canyoning, and the views of the valley are spectacular.

Sangulí (Salou, Spain)

The Dutch Touring Club Royal has considered it the best campsite on the European continent, and the Alan Rogers has awarded it the annual highest quality award, having compared its characteristics with those of its main alternatives. Sangulí offers a great diversity of bungalows, which are adapted to the economic possibilities and the tastes of the clients. There is also no shortage of restaurants, swimming pools, gyms and recreational spaces for the little ones. It is very close to the well-known Port Aventura amusement park.


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