Meaning of Campaign

The etymological origin of campaign comes from the Latin campanĕa, which, in turn, derives from campus (“field”). The term was born to refer to the flat and open field that does not present mountains or roughness.

A campaign is also the set of acts that are carried out with the intention of achieving a certain objective. Campaigns can be developed from civil society (through non-governmental organizations, citizens’ associations, etc.) or through political parties. For example: “The singer promotes a campaign against bullfighting in Spanish territory”, “New campaign against tobacco promotes a healthier life”, “I am gathering signatures for a campaign in favor of organ donation”.

It is known as a political campaign or electoral campaign to the actions carried out by a political party with the aim of influencing the decision of voters in the elections. The countries tend to regulate the development of political campaigns to prevent abuses and illegalities. The financing of the campaigns and the period in which they can be carried out are regulated by law.

Political campaigns have many facets. On the one hand, the candidates take to the streets and hold public events to show themselves close to the voters. In this context, they often greet people or take pictures with children. On the other hand, the campaigns display the candidate’s advertisements on posters or in the media (newspapers, television, Internet).

It is interesting to note that, in recent years, with the advancement of new technologies, the term interactive political campaign has been created. This expression is intended to refer to the actions that election candidates carry out on the Internet and with other information technologies in order to make their program known and to get the votes of citizens.

Specifically, in this way what is done is to bet strongly on social networks that will allow the candidate to be in continuous interaction with possible voters to whom he will inform each and every one of his steps during the campaign.

An advertising campaign, on the other hand, is a set of commercial strategies to spread and advertise a product or service.

Any company or business that wants to improve its results, both in terms of the number of clients and profits, it is important to carry out a campaign of this type that, how could it be otherwise, will be put in the hands of experts of the sector to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

These professionals in the field of advertising will not hesitate to design and launch one of these advertising campaigns that will consist of the following phases: definition of the purposes to be achieved, exhaustive analysis of the different alternatives that exist to undertake the promotion, selection of the alternatives to use, verification of the effectiveness of the choice, launch of the campaign and finally what would be the control and evaluation of the results achieved.

Finally, in the field of the armed forces, a military campaign is a set of military actions that take place in the same place and in the same period.


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