Meaning of Camouflage

Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term camouflage, we must proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that derives from French, specifically from “camouflage”. This word is used to refer to the action of hiding war material or troops with the clear purpose of deceiving the enemy.

In the military field, camouflage seeks that soldiers or vehicles go unnoticed in the eyes of the enemies. The purpose of the technique is to blend in with the environment. A green and brown uniform, for example, can be camouflaged with vegetation.

When camouflage is successful, soldiers, tanks, and aircraft can move around undetected by enemy forces. In this way their operations are facilitated and they can even attack by surprise.

In the case of animals and plants, camouflage is often called the biological phenomenon that allows organisms to adapt to different contexts to hide from their predators.

Many beings have the ability to adopt the color of the environment: that is the case of chameleons. Other animals are already born with a tonality that helps them move through their habitat safe from potential predators.

It should be noted that the most common patterns of camouflage, whether military or natural, are often reproduced in clothing and accessories. There are people who, for aesthetic reasons, choose to wear pants or shirts with motifs that refer to camouflage techniques. These patterns also appear on bags and suitcases. In these cases there is no intention to hide or go unnoticed, but rather a choice related to fashion and style.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a television series called “Camouflage”. This is a North American production that aired during the 1980’s, written by Glen A. Larson and directed by Phil Bondelli, among others.

It takes as its protagonist Dani Reynolds, a photographer who suffers the terrible loss of her husband. A pain that will be added to discover that he has been lying to her for years about his profession and is that he was an undercover CIA agent. A discovery after which another will come: in reality her husband has been murdered.

Precisely for this reason, he does not hesitate to hire the services of a marine to help him clarify what happened, so that he can provide support and thus discover who or who are responsible for this crime.

Jennifer O’Neill, Jon-Erik Hexum, Anthony Hamilton and Richard Anderson were the actors who led the cast of this series that had a total of 22 episodes and was broadcast by CBS.


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