Meaning of Assault

Coming from the Italian word assalto, the term assault refers to the act and the result of assaulting: lashing out at something or someone, breaking into a place, attacking. The concept is used to name a crime that consists of violently addressing one or more people to appropriate their property.

For example: “The deputy’s son was injured in an assault”, “Put your hands up, this is an assault! If they do what I tell them, no one will be hurt “, ” It is the fourth time in two months that we suffered an assault in this place “.

Suffering an assault on public roads can be very difficult for some people to face and overcome, especially if it is an experience that involves physical violence. This is not necessarily related to physical strength, to the body frame of the assailant or the victim, since even the strongest can be seen in such a situation; The main problem is the helplessness that we come to feel when a stranger surprises us and forces us to hand over our belongings.

No living being likes to be forced to do something, to be humiliated, and less if the direct consequence is the loss of certain assets that have cost him a lot of work. The criminals who go after the most vulnerable to snatch their wallets and bags, as well as those who aim a gun at them to intimidate them and force themselves to be imposed, are not exactly Robin Hood, but they attack those who have the least, and They do not pay attention to the damage they can cause.

Of course, when the assault includes a physical attack, especially if it involves rape, everything becomes considerably worse. The psychological scars of such an experience can ruin a person’s life, and that is why it is so important to follow all safety instructions when traveling on public roads. Countries like England, have a large part of its streets full of surveillance cameras, a measure that bothers some but guarantees a calmer life for others; in an ideal world, anyway, there would be no assaults, and then we could enjoy true freedom.

In the military sphere, it is known as an assault on a movement carried out by an army to attack the enemy. In the frontal assault, the armed forces mobilize a large number of elements to carry out a direct confrontation against the opponent. The air assault is similar, although it is focused on the use of planes and helicopters to carry out the offensive.

The notion of assault is also used to refer to various vehicles and weapons for military use. An assault car, tank car or tank is an armored and armed vehicle that, thanks to its tracked drive system, can move on all types of terrain. An assault rifle or assault rifle, meanwhile, is a firearm that can fire in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

In boxing, a fight is divided into rounds or rounds. The duration and amount of the assaults vary according to the type of combat. Professional boxers often face off in three minute rounds. Between each round, there is a time of rest.

As is often the case with certain words, in some regions they acquire meanings that have little to do with what the dictionary expresses officially. In Argentina, for example, a few decades ago the term assault was used as a synonym for party or dance, especially if it was an informal meeting that was organized in the house of one of the participants. In this way, it was possible to say, “On Friday there is an assault on Cintia’s. ”


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