Meaning of Article

According to DigoPaul, the term article comes from the Latin word articŭlus and has multiple uses. Article is called the segment, part or provision that makes up a law, newspaper or other type of writing.

For example: “Law 1,492 establishes, in one of its articles, that public officials cannot accept gifts from companies that have current contracts with the State”, “Have you read the newspaper article about the presidential debate? According to the chronicler, the official candidate was very tense and insecure, “” We have to carefully review all the articles of the agreement before signing it.

At this time, one of the articles that is gaining greater prominence in society at the political level is 155 of the Spanish Constitution. And it is that, as a result of the conflict between the central government and Catalonia, it is betting on applying what the one who comes to choose to call elections establishes as a way to fulfill the obligations that are imposed in the Magna Carta.

It is known as an opinion article the note signed by a journalist that reveals his subjectivity on a certain topic. A political analyst can write an opinion piece where he maintains that a measure taken by a president is harmful to the country since it will increase inequality and generate social conflict. To consider that the measure is “harmful” is clearly an opinion: another analyst could affirm, instead, that the measure in question is “positive”.

When it comes to carrying out a good newspaper article, it is established that the pertinent recommendations must be followed:
-You must choose a topic that may be important, novel, interesting…
-It is essential that the journalist proceed to study the topic in depth of the one who will write. That is to say, it is essential that you have to research the same forcefully in order to be able to offer something different from what the public has been able to read about it up to that moment.
-In the same way, the reader to whom it is addressed must be taken into account because, based on its characteristics, it will be necessary to choose to follow one line or the other.
-Needless to say, the article should be written following the idea of ​​what is known as an inverted pyramid. This means that, in the first paragraph, the six fundamental questions are answered: what, who, when, how, where and why.
-Also, to be able to get a “round” article, you must bet on concluding it in a surprising, clear way that catches and also comes to identify with the good quality of the rest.

The notion of an item can also refer to a product or merchandise that is for sale: “Excuse me, can you tell me the price of this item? I can’t find your label ”, “ My mother went to the market to buy milk and came out with more than twenty items ”, “ We have a cabinet full of cleaning supplies ”.

For grammar, finally, an article is a type of word that allows us to specify whether the nominal group or the noun to which it refers is concrete (since it is known) or abstract (unknown). In the expression ” A child hit me”, the article “a” refers to the fact that the “child” is not identified. Instead, the phrase “Marta’s son won a prize” includes the article “he” regarding “Marta’s son” since the individual is identified.


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