Macbook: Apple’s New Retina Notebook in the First Practice Test

Macbook’s is finally here! Apple’s newest notebook joins with his 12-inch retina display in the air – (from 11 inches) and per family (from 13.3 inch) and brings some exciting new features. Our site knows all the technical details, the prices, the sales start, and has already tried out the new macbook with retina display!

Apple Highlights: A macbook, a Clock, and very high Prices

The slimmest macbook

Under 1 kilogram of weight and 20 percent flat the new macbook is according to Apple the thinnest notebook ever developed by the manufacturer. Sure, Apple has been literally in some places: how the new display with rich 2304 x 1440 0.88 mm in thickness measures just. The body flattens out to 1.3 centimeters. This was the Apple developers the challenge to build a compact motherboard (the so-called logic board). Also the managed.

Apple Watch, macbook retina & co.: new

Silent macbook

The Board, on which sit an Intel M processor (Broadwell), 8 gigabytes of memory, and either 256 or 512 GB solid-state drives, is 67 percent smaller than in the previous macbook, so Apple. The new processor cycles depending on the model 1.1 or 1.2 gigahertz (ghz) and runs when needed up to 2.9 ghz. He should consume only 5 watts of power, and therefore requires no active cooling. So rants no built-in fan working or film shows.

Macbook 2015 with new tip feeling

Apple has built a full-sized keyboard, the keys are not shrunk accordingly and ranging from the left to the right side of the housing. The butterfly mechanism is new: usually keyboards with scissors technique, allowing a flat design into notebooks. It works also with the butterfly technique, but offers four times as high stability and allows 40 percent thinner buttons, promises Apple. Another advantage is that a button gently press can be with butterfly mechanism thanks to metal plate (a traditional notebook keyboard gives way to a page). A pleasant feeling of the tip is the result. The force-trackpad, which houses most as a touch-sensitive mouse replacement known, four sensors and a Taptic engine, which together measure the pressure intensity. So can be with greater pressure about a film forward.

Big battery for longer macbook pleasure

In addition to the special trackpad and the logic board only the battery takes place inside the housing. Apple has designed it in terraced to squeeze the battery up to the smallest corner of the macbook. The result: The battery capacity is increased by 35 per cent and offers up to nine hours in the surf-operation, or ten hours of music playback via itunes. Certainly also retina display contributes to the frugal power consumption, because it approved thanks to new technology 30 percent less power than the predecessor.

Macbook 2015: A connection for all

The macbook is one of the first devices on the market with new USB-3.1 socket of the type C. The highlight: The Apple laptop can be download via the socket, can play content on monitor or TV and data transfer. Apple has built only one port that is expected at the latest then disturbing notice if the battery makes to pass out while you stream a movie to the TV. Wireless data exchange works via Wi-Fi-ac and Bluetooth 4.0

First impression: macbook with retina display

The new macbook is impressively light and thin. Apple has managed to pack enough hardware to work in a real nice body and take the whole even the noisy fan. Imagine an ipad with keyboard before this description it is probably the best. Thanks to full operating system and modern USB interface, but much more can the new macbook. The manufacturer promises long battery life and a new feeling of the tip. The latter reached Apple through a new keyboard with butterfly technique. In the first test, it worked as well as also the operation of the new trackpad with force-touch technology. Perhaps Apple is with the new macbook a large litter will show the test succeeded, the price from 1,449 euros however justifies the continued existence of the macbook Air. The new macbook with retina display is a prestige object (in the gold-colored variant) if also a very practical.

These 66 programs are mandatory for notebooks

66 tools free Starter Pack

Pricing and launch date of the new macbook

There are two models of the new Apple notebooks. The cheaper version with a slightly slower processor and 256-gigabyte SSD 1,449 euros. For the faster version with dual SSD storage, Apple requires 1,799 euros. Both models are available from 10 April 2015 in Germany available.

Old equipment with new technology

Apple has reported, at the same time, refresh its macbook, air and pro family. The device series work immediately with new Broadwell Intel processors and have faster data store. The air models get the latest Thunderbolt-2 connector, the Pro series receives force multi-touch trackpad. The selling prices are apparently unchanged.