It is Worth Paying the Expensive on a Mobile Phone or Tablet?

Looking for large quantity of tablets and smartphones on the market, there is a very great responsibility at the time of choice. Is not so easy to answer the question of which is the smartphone or tablet that is right for you. With the advancement of technologies, the dividing lines between the various classifications of these technological gadgets are getting thinner. Top of the line appliances so vain featuring increasingly more technological resources and with this, the price will also accompanying.

The question about “what is the best smartphone or tablet?” will quickly evolve to something like “how much you want to invest in your unit?”. With smartphones and tablets, surpassing prices of bikes and even used cars is it worth it to pay expensive these devices?

Is it Worth Buying a Smartphone or Tablet Expensive?

When I bought my first Android, I paid the equivalent to 2 minimum wages, being that he was a top model line, released that year. The unit lasted 3 years before pifar completely. In other words, on a monthly basis until it spoil of time, it cost me about 2.7% of the minimum wage on a monthly basis until the end of its useful life. Let’s round it up to 3%, counting that I had to buy a charger, a new battery, and a protective film, in the middle of the path. For me, this investment was worth it.

To buy a cell phone top of the line today I would need to invest between 3 and four times the minimum wage. On a monthly basis, until the end of its useful life would then be about 6% of the minimum wage. Am I willing to commit to this amount on a phone or tablet? I know that I parcelaria the device in a few times and, in theory, after these payments, the unit is mine, but I don’t think so any more. We have to think in useful technology as something also in the medium and long term. I’ll explain more about it.

Worth Buying Mobile Phone or Tablet Expensive: the Question of Technology

All technology becomes obsolete in a few years. Mobile phones and tablets has become stale faster because they are now the backbone of the technology industry. So when you invest 3, 4, up to 5 minimum wages in these devices, perhaps it would be time to think in the same way that I was thinking: how much time do I plan to use it or how much I value this item?

Let’s take the example of smartphones and tablets from Apple. In regard to manufacturers of Android, all Apple devices are more expensive. In the “monthly costs” that I mentioned above, an Apple device can add 3% or even up to doubling the values there. The life cycle of the Apple devices are much smaller than an Android device also, due to updates, programs iOS. Android has updates, just are not as mandatory as the Apple. Then you will need a smartphone and tablet and more expensive and with a lifespan shorter.

It is also delicate to stay backward in technology. Stop to buy a smartphone or tablet good, because it is very expensive also it can be equally bad. Anyone who buys a smartphone or tablet intermediary will have a device that has a “shelf life” less. The monthly cost can end up coming out the same as a unit top of the line, depending on the model. As you will be required to return with greater frequency, the cost can be even greater.

The vw Beetle Will Never be a Porsche

The creator of the Porsche is the same designer of the vw Beetle, and the motors carry similarities. However, never has a beetle you’ll be able to the performance of a Porsche.

Translating this to the world of smartphones and tablets, to choose not to buy a smartphone or tablet more expensive, you also no longer invest in a better camera, a screen with better resolution, larger internal memory, a more powerful cpu, a battery that lasts more time, a mark of increased confidence. There is quality tied to the price of a unit of these, so you can be sure.

It is possible, however, to obtain a balance between the features to not have to spend fortunes on these devices. Even with the high dollar, to invest more than 3 minimum wages in a gadget such as this is somewhat irrational, unless you depends a lot on a unit with status added to the work. Even these people can get the devices cheaper buying from abroad.

When the limit of the rational will, being surpassed (read-if a smartphone or tablet that costs more than 3 minimum wages) is good to start thinking about your purchase. This value is the same as if paid on bikes and even cars. Seriously you need this in your life? Reflect. Maybe you can buy a smartphone top of the line last year, which is half the price of the top line this year, and with plans to update the Android or iOS still pros the next few years.

What do you guys think? It is worth to spend a lot on a smartphone or tablet and it is better to rationalize these expenses? We hope your opinions in the comments below!