Iskin: Silicone Stickers Makes The Human Skin To The Touch Screen

Smartwatches are certainly handy: push on the clock the user accepts calls, checks his calendar, sent messages or turns on his music. For computer science of the University of the Saarland, the wily Chronograph on his wrist is however superfluous ballast: instead of the clock, the human body should be their desire to even touch-sensitive surface to control mobile devices. At cebit in Hannover, Germany (16-20 March 2015), the researchers present the idea with the name iskin the broad public.

The body as input area

Base of the invention is an elastic silicone stickers, the user on the skin sticks. Conductive electrical sensors, who received technical commands as an input area and carry out remote control such as mobile devices are integrated in it. Push on the sticker, it will answer a call or regulates the volume. Martin Weigel, phd student at the University of Saarland, do this: with the stickers, we expand the interactive interface for the user, because practically the entire body as input area include.

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User created design of the sticker itself

User designed on request the design of his stickers even at the computer. That should be possible with any popular graphics program so Weigel. A sticker about the form of sheet music, another looks like a record. The silicone makes the sensor sticker elastic and deformable. So it’s easier to use them in everyday life. The sticker simply curled up and insert, explains Jürgen Steimle, head of the research team. They are also kind to the skin, because fixing it with medical adhesive to the skin. So the user can set, where he wants to have the stickers and how long he wants to help him.

Keyboard on the skin could

In addition to playing music or the control of calls, other applications are conceivable: with a keyboard stickers, it would be possible, for example, to compose messages and send. Currently, the sticker still on cable to a computer system are connected. In the future, let himself might through built-in microchips wireless with other mobile devices link, so sang.

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